Coobx EXIGO: Introducing LIFT®-Technology

LIFT®-Technology (Light Initiated Fabrication Technology) opens new dimensions to the versatility of UV curing printing materials with astonishing speed, accuracy and reliability


Balzers, Liechtenstein (March 17, 2017) – Coobx (, the Liechtenstein based additive manufacturing company, today announced the launch of EXIGO with patent pending LIFT®-Technology, a 3D printing solution which changes the way how to process UV curing printing materials. LIFT®-Technology is based on different key factors, which work together as workflow in one machine and allows to print continously, process high viscous materials, infilled materials and can change the print resolution in XY automatically. Two operating modes are integrated, which allow the user to choose between true contiouos printing or semi continouos printing. In both modes the calculation of necessesary curing time, intensity and layer height is done in realtime based on the actual printed layer automatically.

“LIFT® is different – Coobx is different. We are always thinking in new ways how to solve existing problems and find the most valuable solution. Putting the state of the art bottom-up printing technology on the head back to top-down was a milestone in development. Together with the LIFE Zone (oxygen inhibition) it is an unbeatable team. Easy to handle, highly accurate and groundbreaking new material possibilites concerning viscosity and infill grade are possible.”said Marco Schmid, Coobx CEO and head of R&D.

Together with material partners and suppliers Coobx developped and optimised fully functional, FEM calculable and lasting resins. To ensure a qualified process, all steps from Pre-Processing, Printing to Post-Processing are coordinated and matched together in one workflow, out of one hand.

Achieving new dimensions in versatility, accuracy and speed, the EXIGO is now availale in two versions for medical or industrial use. The core data correspond each other, the main difference is the build height of 110mm for medical and 340mm for industrial machine.

Sneak preview to next steps: The EXIGO is designed to be ready for Industry 4.0. All interfaces and mechanical design for a true Industry 4.0 are given and open new possibilities. The flexible production line LiftCell® will be officially launched in Q3/2017. Small footprint, safe operation, high output.

The Art of Additive Manufacturing.



About Coobx

Coobx, which is based in Balzers, Liechtenstein, is in the field of Additive Manufacturing solutions for light initiated materials.


With our patent pending LIFT®-Technology (Light Initiated Fabrication Technology) we are setting an industry standard. Absolutely new dimensions in the range of materials, speed and accuracy are now possible. As a strong partner for turnkey solutions we do provide and implement all the needed steps into your manufacturing process. So additive produced parts are getting reality and are no more only in the stage of prototyping.

Modular, qualified workflow

With our EXIGO series machines we can provide from the standalone single machine to the fully automated production line all the range, to make your workflow as smooth and scalable as possible. The fabrication begins not in the machine and doesn’t end in the machine, so we have developed all necessery addons to realize qualified production processes.

Strong core team

Over 20 years experience in designing and producing machines, components and automation systems for the semiconductor and machine tools industry, helped us to invent and develop our disruptive LIFT®-Technology.

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