Every Industry has their own requirements for materials. Our R&D focusses on development of industrial materials and doing research together with the leading raw material suppliers and material science institutes. Every application is as individual as the variety of materials are. So if you don’t find your desired properties, just get in touch with us!



In Healthcare, Dental and Othology business it is important to have strong partners and to team up with them. We are proud having Dreve, a German based materials specialist, as our partner for this materials. Together we developed and optimised all materials for the EXIGO LIFT®-process. Every material has been adapted and specially formulated to our system and was proved by their specialists. Exclusive materials for an exclusive process.

Following Medical materials are available

  • Coobx Cast

  • Coobx Gingiva

  • Coobx Guide

  • Coobx Model

  • Coobx Tray

  • Coobx Splint

  • Coobx Denture

  • Coobx Ceramic


For industrial and general applications often other material properties are demanded than in medical and healthcare. So we developped our own industrial series, which will convince with mechanical and optical properties. The main focus is on materials for real products and no more only prototyping. Our range goes from some standards to PU based systems to different new green materials (Q4/2017). You will be excited what all new will come up during the next months. Did you know, that our printer will also work without gravity? So if you have any idea on materials, we invite you to get in touch and learn about your requirements.

Following Industrial materials are available

  • Coobx PU-R – rigid

  • Coobx PU-F – flexible

  • Coobx PU-E – elastic

  • Coobx Standard – acrylatic

  • Coobx SR – acrylatic, rigid

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