The patent pending LIFT®-Technology is not only one feature. It’s whole a process. So LIFT® combines the following

  • LIFT Materials: With our groundbreaking Build Box it’s now possible to print every kind of materials. Together with an integrated homegenisator and a powerful Light Engine new dimensions are possible.
  • LIFE Zone: We know, that some people call a building zone as ‘dead’, but we are convinced, that where something grows it’s the wrong expression. So we call it LIFE zone. The effect of oxygen inhibition is integrated as a standard.
  • LIFT Speed: Knowing the chemistry and the physical effects of curing resins together with the LIFE zone, allows us to optimise print speed and are already passing the 300mm/hour build speed.
  • LIFT Accuracy: A worlds first fully automated focussing sytems, allows to integrate different resolutions in XY in one machine. So we reach accuracys from +/- 10 up to +/-40 microns. Together with the realtime calculated building speeds the EXIGO builds parts with smoothest surfaces and highest tolerances.

  • LIFT Curing: Overcuring? Wrong settings? No more! An integrated algorhythm calculates on every single picture frame to optimal curing time, layer hight and build speed. These settings are optimised for all our Coobx materials to get productiv parts out of the box.

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